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“Staying Connected: Egyptian Women Use Social Media to Combat Gender Inequality, Violence” @humanrights1st #hwtw

This blog post from Human Rights First describes how women in Egypt are taking control of their futures by harnessing social media such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and mobile apps.

Staying Connected: Egyptian Women Use Social Media to Combat Gender Inequality, Violence


By Alison Searle
Administrative Assistant for Advocacy

A new generation of Egyptian women is speaking up to address long-standing gender and equality issues. Since the fall of President Mubarak, sexual harassment cases have become more public as women’s political participation becomes increasingly widespread. Campaigners stress the need for Egyptian women to unite as they face some of the worst treatment in the world…  According to the World Economic Reform’s Global Gender Gap Index, Egypt has ranked in the bottom 10 for the past 5 years…
In an effort to combat the rise in gender inequality and violence, women are using social media—a regional catalyst in the fight for democracy—as an advocacy and awareness tool. HarassMap is a website that allows women to report sexual harassment via email, text or Twitter to track where assaults are taking place throughout the country. Facebook and other media websites continue to promote dialogue about women’s issues with on-the-ground updates. The Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights produces blogs in English and Arabic in an attempt to bridge the movement’s generation gap and appeal to a more international constituency.

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Ambassador Verveer: Women’s Equality = Economic Power

In a speech at the Sea Service Leadership Association’s 24th Annual Women’s Leadership Symposium, Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues Melanne Verveer addressed the conference’s theme: “connect, empower, succeed”.  Although she noted that the struggle for gender equality is not over, she noted encouraging evidence in favor of empowering women.

“The World Economic Forum’s annual gender gap report found that in those countries where the gender gap is closer to being closed — where men and women are closer to parity in educational attainment, health outcomes, economic opportunity and political empowerment — these countries are more prosperous and economically competitive.”

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