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“2011: A bitter-sweet year for the Ugandan woman” #hwhtw

Lots to celebrate for women in Uganda this year, but more progress to be made, too.

2011: A bitter-sweet year for the Ugandan woman

By Stephen Ssenkaaba

“This is the year that Uganda scored highly on the international scene when Justice Julia Ssebutinde, the calm yet firm former Uganda High Court judge was elected to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). It was a tight race that pitted her against highly experienced ICJ judge from Sierra Leone, Abdul Koroma. Sebutinde becomes the third woman elected to the ICJ and the first African woman to assume this position.

“Nationally, women continued to assume influential positions in cabinet, parliament and at different levels of leadership. It was this year that Uganda got its first female speaker of parliament.

“Rebecca Kadaga, also the Kamuli woman MP beat opposition’s Nandala Mafabi to the helm of Uganda’s legislative body. Since her election, the outspoken lawyer has held the parliamentary bull by the horns so far steering the August house into fiery debates. Kadaga’s election seemed not to have gone down well with some legislators; indeed the press has reported unconfirmed attempts to bring her down.

“The Uganda Women Parliamentarians Association and the Uganda Women’s Network came out to rally behind her  one of their own and to call for support for Uganda’s most high ranking woman politician.

“Speaking politics, this year recorded an increase in number of women ministers appointed to cabinet from 16 last year to 22…”

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“Hillary Clinton’s Next Act: Making Half the World’s Leaders Women” #hwhtw

Great post on a cool new program…

Hillary Clinton’s Next Act: Making Half the World’s Leaders Women

December 20, 2011 12:00 am by Kim Pearson in News & Politics

The Women in Public Service Project, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s new initiative to shepherd a new generation of women into politics and policymaking around the globe, could prove to be the most significant public diplomacy move since the Kennedy Administration launched the Peace Corps fifty years ago. It could also be a game-changer for the Seven Sisters Colleges (Barnard, Bryn Mawr, Mt. Holyoke, Smith and Wellesley), with whom Clinton has partnered. The project’s goal is to ensure that by 2050, half of the world’s government officials will be women. They plan to accomplish this goal by offering leadership training, mentoring and support for scholarly research on women in public service.

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Siobhan “Sam” Bennett: Campaigner for Women Who Run @womens_enews #hwhtw

Sam Bennett has been recognized as one of the Women’s eNews “21 Leaders for the 21st Century” for her work  promoting women in politics.

“[Sam] is the president and CEO of the Women’s Campaign Fund, the oldest organization to financially support female candidates and unique in its exceptionally early endorsement of women at all levels, from all parties who support reproductive choices and options, because choices can only be protected from both sides of the aisle, says Bennett.

“A former small-business owner who was active in local politics and the nonprofit sector, Bennett decided that putting women into office was crucial to achieving her personal ideals…

“In April 2009, Bennett stepped to the helm of the Women’s Campaign Fund. The organization endorses, raises funds for and provides networking opportunities for female candidates. Its sister nonprofit, “She Should Run,” seeks to eliminate the barriers preventing women from ascending to public leadership and encourages women to be asked to run for office via

“‘After years of working to make a difference, it became clear that the most significant way was through politics. If more women were in office, health care and other issues would improve,’ she says.”

Read Sam’s full profile, and 6 other winners’:

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“Bhutanese Royalty Inspires New Generation of Women Leaders” @unwomen #hwhtw

Bhutanese Royalty Inspires New Generation of Women Leaders

Her Royal Highness of Bhutan, Ashi Sonam Dechan Wangchuck, joined prominent women leaders in Thimphu earlier this year to encourage young Bhutanese girls to enter politics. She spoke at an event to launch a UN Women-assisted project, “Inspiring Bhutanese Girls: Creating A New Generation of Leaders.”

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Video: “Peru: A League of Their Own”

According to this video from Al Jazeera, “Football is helping the women of the Andes find a political voice and fight the effects of climate change.”

“We were the first to organise activities for women of this community. We were the first women to play football in this place. Nobody had ever thought of it before. But they all came to play and haven’t stopped ever since.”
Read more and watch the video:

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Pacific Islands Forum: “Leaders vow to improve gender equality record” @nzherald #hwhtw

 UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has just announced a commitment from the leaders of the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) to increase female political leadership. The New Zealand Herald notes that many of the PIF countries rank at the bottom of the Inter Parliamentary Union’s women-in-politics rankings:

“Many Pacific countries do not have any female MPs, let alone women in positions of leadership… Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is the only woman leader among the 16 countries of the forum.”

However, Mr. Ban reported “genuine commitment from the leaders to improve upon this record and ensure that Pacific Island countries can benefit from the power and potential of all of its citizens, particularly including women.”

Read the full article:

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“SIERRA LEONE: Women moving forward in politics” @irinnews #hwhtw

SIERRA LEONE: Women moving forward in politics

DAKAR, 8 August 2011 (IRIN) – When Marie Jalloh first ran for office in 2007, resistance to women in politics in Sierra Leone was so strong she faced harassment and intimidation from local authorities. Now, not only is she a member of parliament; she and other women, along with local NGOs, have brought the country closer to a legal quota for women in decision-making posts.

Campaigners say more women in power would go a long way to improving people’s living conditions and fostering development…

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