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“Gender Equality in Paradise” @vitalvoices #hwhtw

In this blog post from Vital Voices, Alyse Nelson reflects on the progress Indonesia has made toward gender equality, as well as what remains to be done:

“Bali was another world. A beautiful lush island. A thriving tourist destination. But if you scratched just beneath the surface, it was clear that even in paradise women lacked access and opportunities. During that trip, I stayed among the rice paddies of Ubud and I met the women of the Seniwati Gallery of Art By Women. They explained that women were never seen as artists. It was commonly said that only men in their culture were capable of creativity. That was the first time I’d heard that one! They had started the first and only women’s artists cooperative in the region to encourage and channel women’s talents into economic means to support their families…

“Although Indonesia has seen strides forward, like so many countries in the world, there is still a way to go to fully capitalize on women’s talents. Just consider this: by narrowing their gender gap in employment, Indonesia could elevate income by as much as 14% per capita by 2020, and as much as 20% higher than baseline projections by 2030. ”

Read the full article:

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HWHTW’s Top 5 Twitter Favorites! @CTurlington @WFPG @UN_Women @VitalVoices @gaylelemmon

HWHTW is relatively new to Twitter, but totally hooked on its great coverage of women’s issues.  Here are a few favorite tweeters:

@CTurlington – supermodel-turned-maternal health care advocate Christy Turlington Burns (see: Video: Christy Turlington Burns on why Every Mother Counts)  

@WFPG – Women’s Foreign Policy Group (see: Event: “Women’s Political Participation In The Middle East: The Changing Political Landscape”)

@UN_Women – UN Women (see: The UN Gets It Together for Women)

@VitalVoices – women’s empowerment NGO Vital Voices (see: State Department Co-Sponsors Summit to Empower Women Across Asia)

@gaylelemmon – author and activist Gayle Lemmon (see: Greg Mortenson Interviews Gayle Tzemach Lemmon on Amazon)

And, of course, don’t forget @HWHTW!

Who would you add to the list?

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Vital Voices is Hiring! @vitalvoices

Great news!  If you want your career to make a difference in women’s lives, check out the openings at cool women’s NGO Vital Voices (see previous posts: Ambassador Verveer: “Women are not just victims” and State Department Co-Sponsors Summit to Empower Women Across Asia).

See the postings:

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Ambassador Verveer: “Women are not just victims”

Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues Melanne Verveer recently spoke at the Vital Voices of Asia Women’s Summit in Chennai, India.  She highlighted some notable successes for women’s rights in the region, while also noting that  “despite a solid record of progress, our work is by no means over”.  Sec. Verveer also emphasized the importance of finding environmentally sustainable solutions to empowering women economically and politically:

“All around the world, women are blazing new trails and triumphing over long entrenched obstacles in the pursuit of creating a better world… [W]omen are not just victims; they are critical actors in addressing this challenge. We are working to increase their access to a range of adaptation and mitigation strategies. Better farming practices and technologies like clean cook stoves and solar lanterns not only address environmental degradation, but also provide economic opportunities.”

Read more:

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State Department Co-Sponsors Summit to Empower Women Across Asia

Fifteen years after the UN Conference on Women that took place in Beijing, a three day women’s empowerment summit, co-sponsored by the State Department, Vital Voices Global Partnership and the international business community, opened September 15 in New Delhi. Over 250 women leaders from South, Pacific and East Asia have joined with government, business and civil society experts from across the globe to share lessons learned and hone strategies for the future.

The Summit’s panel discussions and breakout sessions are focused on three key areas: Women as an Economic Force, Women in Political Leadership and Public Life, and Safeguarding Women’s Human Rights. Following this Summit, the State Department will work with Vital Voices and other private partners in furtherance of achieving women’s empowerment though high-level policy dialogues, development assistance projects, and public diplomacy.”

Read more:

from the State Department:

from Vital Voices:

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