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CEDAW: Because Women’s Rights Are Human Rights

The Convention to End All Forms of Discrimination Against Women is before the U.S. Senate now to be ratified. Reach out to key Senators to encourage them to act on CEDAW:

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“Free men are not…”

Ellen Chesler, of the Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute at Hunter College, quotes Mary Olmstead Stanton:

“Free men are not born of slave mothers.”

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Zainab Salbi: “It’s No Longer About Policy”

zainab salbi photoThis morning I had the privilege of hearing one of my personal heroes, Zainab Salbi, speak on “U.S. Foreign Policy Addressing Violence in Global Hot Spots”. Zainab, the founder of Women for Women International, urged the need for action, not just words. “Now is the time to push.”

She outlined 4 key issues of focus for U.S. Foreign Policy:

1. Inconsistency. How can we require Sudan to include women in its peace negotiating team when the U.S. team is not 50% women?

2. Being more conservative than the cultures where we work. Under Saddam, Iraqi women could go to a store and receive rations like any other citizen; the U.S. distributes food rations from mosques, where women do not have equal standing.

3. Walking the walk. We are now talking the talk, but we need measurement of results so we can hold our own government accountable.

4. Public awareness. We have many resolutions and policies on women’s rights, but no one outside the activist community knows what they are. An awareness campaign is needed to reach all men and women.

Her closing thought: “It’s no longer about policy.” Now is the time for action.

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Women Count for Peace – Sign the Petition!

Head to to join the more than 5 million people who Say NO to violence against women.

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Ring the Bell!

Check out this clever, inventive series of videos from India – “Ring the Bell” to fight violence against women.

Bell Bajao:

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Reporting LIVE from the NO Violence Against Women Conference

This weekend I’m joining a fabulously diverse group of men and women in NYC for the “Strategic Imperatives for Ending Violence against Women” conference hosted by UNIFEM/USNC. Stay tuned for live reports! In the meantime, for more info on UNIFEM/USNC:

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