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TEDWomen “Composers “

This morning’s session featured women who are breaking new ground in science and technology:

– Deborah Rhodes, who has developed a technology for better mammograms
– Kate Orff, who is restoring New York City’s Gowanus Canal using “Oystertecture”
– Amber Case, who uses “cyborg anthropology” to show us that “machines help us be more human”
– MIT roboticist Cynthia Brazeal and her protogee Heather Knight, who are turning robots into “social technology”
– Fiona Eberts, who is bringing better nutrition to Africa through a “Miracle Tree” that really does work miracles
– Annet Namayanja, a Ugandan agricultural scientist who breeds better beans

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TEDWomen Session Summaries

Check out the TEDWomen website for photos and additional info on each talk:

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Arianna Huffington: “We are going to sleep our way to the top”

And she meant it, quite literally.  “The essence of leadership,” she said, “is being able to see the iceberg before it hits the Titanic” – something that people can’t do when sleep-deprived.  She learned the value of sleep for herself when she fainted of exhaustion at her desk, sending her to the hospital with a broken cheekbone and needing stitches.

She urged us all to discover the power of sleep: “What can you do to maintain your inspiration every day?… If you want to have a more productive, inspired, and joyful life, get more sleep!”

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Mona Eltahawy: Audacious, Pugnacious, Hilarious

“I’m a Muslim, I’m a feminist, and I’m here to confuse you,” said Mona Eltahawy. She began by describing Islam’s “kick-ass women role models” and went on to announce her mission to “fight lazy stereotypes and misogyny.” Religious orthodoxy of all kinds, she noted, “is much kinder to men than women.” Assertive, funny, and full of contradictions (and with a self confessed weakness for younger men), Mona won’t let you get away with putting Muslim women in a box.

For more on Mona Eltahawy:

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Halla Tomasdottir: Making Money with “Feminine Values”

Halla Tomasdottir and her business partner decided to start a financial services firm based on “feminine values,” Audur Capital, in Iceland in 2007.  Amazingly, she says that the firm and its investors took no equity losses during the recent financial storm in Iceland.  She attributes this investment savvy to four values:

– Risk Awareness – “don’t invest in things we don’t understand”

– Straight Talking – talk about potential downsides and upsides

– Emotional Capital – conduct “emotional due diligence”: “Whether the corporate culture is a liability or an asset”

– Profit with Principles: take a long-term view that includes positive social an economic outcomes

Most important, she says, is “embracing the beauty of balance.”  “It’s not about women being better than men, it’s about being different… we are not the same and it’s great.”  She emphasized the importance of diversity to reduce herd behavior: “sameness leads to disastrous problems.”

Her financial predictions:

1. “There is an incredible urge to rebuild the [institutions] that failed us” and prompted the current economic recession; we must do things differently if we want to avoid the mistakes of the past

2. The “most interesting investment opportunities” are arising at the intersection of women and sustainability.

For more on Halla Tomasdottir and Audur Capital:

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Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: “A Victor of Circumstances”

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the President of Liberia, is known as the “Iron Lady of Africa.”  She spoke of the need to balance toughness and sensitivity and opined that being a woman helped her strike that balance of scary and grandmotherly.

She also commented that she would not have accomplished as much as she has done if she had been a man.  “To go through all I’ve been through… and being a woman, it really set me apart.  You could call me a victor of circumstances.”

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Ted Turner: A Radical Recommendation

The next speaker, Ted Turner, is also no stranger to controversy.  In typical no-holds-barred style, Ted made a radical recommendation for getting rid of war: “Let women run the planet for the next 100 years”.

He says:

“If only women could serve in public office for 100 years, we would very quickly have a society that wasn’t buying aircraft carriers and submarines and instead was putting money toward health and education.  We’d have a safer, better society in short order.”

Another bold prediction: “We will get rid of nuclear weapons in my lifetime.”

Finally, he drew a big laugh from the crowd in addressing his views of men vs. women: “I’m kinda pro-people… I am one.”

For more on Ted Turner:

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