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Video: Secretary Clinton Launches 100 Women Initiative

On March 7, Sec. Clinton Launched the State Department’s “100 Women Inititative: Empowering Women and Girls Through International Exchanges.”   The 100 Women Initiative is “a year-long series of events bringing 100 women leaders from 92 countries to the United States. This effort features International Visitor Leadership Program exchanges that highlight key foreign policy issues directly affecting women and girls worldwide. Secretary Clinton said:

“…This is especially important for me because I believe strongly that every person — man and woman, boy and girl — has a God-given right to participate and to go as far as his or her hard work and talents will take them.”

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Sec. Clinton’s Op-Ed: “Women’s Work-More, Earn-Less Plan Hurts”

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently published an op-ed on Bloomberg News Wire calling women’s entrepreneurship “one major emerging market [that] hasn’t received the attention it deserves”:

Women’s Work-More, Earn-Less Plan Hurts
By Hillary Rodham Clinton

One of the biggest growth markets in the world may surprise you. You’ve heard about the opportunities opening up in countries like China, regions like Asia and industries like green technology. But one major emerging market hasn’t received the attention it deserves: women.

Today, there are more than 200 million women entrepreneurs worldwide. Women earn more than $10 trillion every year, which is expected to grow by $5 trillion over the next several years. In many developing countries, women’s incomes are growing faster than men’s.

Facts such as these should persuade governments and business leaders worldwide to see investing in women as a strategy for job creation and economic growth. Many are doing so. Yet the pool of talented women is underutilized, underpaid and underrepresented in business and society.

Throughout the world, women do two-thirds of the work, yet they earn just one-third of the income and own less than 2 percent of the land…

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Hillary Clinton’s War for Women’s Rights

“Welcome to Hillary’s war: In this week’s Newsweek, Gayle Tzemach Lemmon digs into the secretary of state’s fight to bring attention to the plight of women and girls across the world, championing opportunity and equality for women wherever she goes.

“Newsweek traveled to the Middle East with Clinton in January. Her timing—just as a wave of uprisings was gathering steam—was uncanny. In a raucous town-hall meeting in Yemen, Clinton addressed how young girls can contribute to a society desperate for change. Later, at a stop in Papua New Guinea, she surprised her own entourage when she pushed the nation’s prime minister to take domestic abuse seriously—and said she’d be dispatching her deputy for women’s affairs, Melanne Verveer, to check up on his progress.

“I believe that the rights of women and girls is the unfinished business of the 21st century,” Clinton tells Newsweek.”

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Day of the Women of the Americas

OAS LogoThe OAS has celebrated February 18th as the Day of the Women of the Americas since 1982.  This year, Sec. Clinton released a statement commemorating the day, lauding women’s accomplishments in the Americas and outlining the work that still lies ahead.

“Women in the Americas are working to promote strong and vibrant democracies, advance the region’s commitment to the rule of law, and uphold fundamental human rights and freedoms. They are cabinet officials and heads of government. They serve in executive positions in the largest private sector entities in the hemisphere. Women in the Americas are strengthening our societies, communities, and families, and building a brighter future for all the people of the region.”

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The Key to Sustainable Peace: Women

“Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store have published a joint op-ed on the role of women in building and maintaining sustainable peace to mark the 10th anniversary of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security.”

The article posits that women’s participation in the peace process is key to the eventual success of peace negotiations and the resulting agreements. 

“Whether they are combatants or survivors, peace-builders or bystanders, women must play a role in the transition from war to peaceful development.”

To read the full article:

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“No country in the 21st century can advance if half the population is left behind”

Secretary of State Clinton recently traveled to Papua New Guinea.  She outlined plans for the U.S. to work with the World Bank, multinational corporations, and the Government of Papua New Guinea to establish programs to empower women in PNG.  Her speech included one of the clearest statements I’ve seen yet of why helping women helps the world:

 “[N]o country in the 21st century can advance if half the population is left behind.”

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LIVE: “Inside the State Department”

I had the privilege tonight of attending the premiere of the National Geographic Channel’s latest, “Inside the State Department”.  The highlight of the event was getting to sing “Happy Birthday” to Secretary Clinton herself!

“Inside the State Department” follows Secretary Clinton and her team to get an insider’s view of life as America’s top diplomat, including visits to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Abu Dhabi, Israel, and Egypt.  The U.S.’s commitment to support women figures prominently in the documentary, showing the Secretary’s response to the bombing of a women’s market just before her arrival in Pakistan, and her efforts to reach out to Pakistani women.

It’s a fascinating piece, and I highly recommend it.  It will air on Monday, November 8.

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