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New Girl Effect Video! @girleffect #hwhtw

Girl Effect has posted an awesome new video on the importance of age 12 in the lives of girls – and the future of the world:

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Girls: An unexpected answer

In 2004, the Nike Foundation set out to make a difference in the world – and after 4 years of study, discovered that “girls are the unexpected answer.”  Now, in combination with Warren Buffet’s NoVo foundation, the Nike Foundation has launched results-oriented programs to improve the futures of girls in developing countries.  Among their goals is encouraging older girls to start businesses:

“DRISHTEE, a social business funded by the Acumen Fund, operates kiosks in rural Indian villages. Selling digital photos, PC training and English courses, kiosk licensees had been mainly male. Drishtee specifically sought out girls and young women as licensees, lowering the cost of entry in doing so. The results were not only good for business – the young women performed better on average – but opened the door for other economically excluded groups.”

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