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Girl Rising: Sign Up for a Screening!

girl risingTickets are available now for screenings of the new film Girl Rising! According to PureWow,

Girl Rising [is] a documentary-narrative hybrid about nine extraordinary girls from around the world–and the opportunities afforded them by education. The filmic equivalent of a short-story collection, each segment stars a real girl acting out an episode from her own life.

“The scripts were written by novelists from the girls’ home countries (Cambodia, Afghanistan, Peru and more) and then narrated by actresses like Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway and Kerry Washington. The most affecting story, for instance, was written by Haiti’s Edwidge Danticat, read by Cate Blanchett and stars an infectiously adorable child who refuses to give up on schooling in post-earthquake Port-au-Prince.”

Find a screening near you:

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“Female Saudi film director breaks taboos in Venice”

Female Saudi film director breaks taboos in Venice

Mon, 3 Sep 2012 10:21 GMT

Source: Reuters // Silvia Aloisi

VENICE, Sept 3 (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia’s first female director has made her debut at the Venice film festival, exploring the limitations placed on women in the conservative Islamic kingdom through the tale of a strong-willed 10-year-old girl living in Riyadh.

The film, which the director says is the first to have been entirely shot in Saudi Arabia, follows the everyday life of young Wadjda and her attempts to circumvent restrictions and break social barriers – both at school and at home.

Constantly scolded for not wearing a veil, listening to pop music and not hiding in front of men, Wadjda uses guile to get her own way…

Read the full article:

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Event: “Arranged” Film Screening and Discussion


The event will be held in the SAIS Rome Building, at 1619 Massachusetts Ave NW, in Washington DC.

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“When Women Make Peace” @pbs #hwhtw

I had the honor of attending a private screening of this eye-opening documentary series last week at CFR, with a lively question-and-answer session with filmmaker Abigail Disney. 

“Are women inherently more peaceful than men? And are women’s interests always united when it comes to debates over war and peace?

“These are just some of the intriguing questions brought up by a new PBS documentary series, Women, War, and Peace.” 

Read more:

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LUNAFEST: Connecting Women Through Film

LUNAFEST was established in 2000 by LUNA, the makers of the Whole Nutrition Bar for Women, to simultaneously promote women filmmakers, raise awareness for women’s issues, and support worthy women’s nonprofit organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

“Over the years, as LUNAFEST has grown from a single annual event to more than 150 festivals each season, LUNA’s commitment to this worthwhile program has grown as well. We are continually inspired by the individual and collective efforts of women – and we are awed by the results. To date, LUNAFEST has raised over $570,000 for worthwhile women’s organizations, while raising hope and awareness for the stories of women everywhere. ”

Preview this year’s film lineup here:

In D.C., Tranquil Space Foundation will be hosting a LUNAFEST on Thursday, April 21!  Buy a ticket (or a “there in spirit” ticket if you can’t make it) here:

To find LUNAFEST events in other cities:

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Nationwide Film Event: “Desert Flower”

“The autobiographical drama Desert Flower is based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Waris Dirie and Cathleen Miller. When at the age of thirteen, Waris Dirie (Liya Kebede) discovered that her father has decided to marry her off as the fourth wife to a considerably older man, the young girl realizes that she has no choice but to flee. After going into exile with the help of distant relatives and the Somali Embassy in London, Waris goes into hiding in the big city. One day, while working as a cleaning woman in a fast-food restaurant, she attracts the attention of famous fashion photographer Terry Donaldson (Timothy Spall). From that moment on, it’s as if a fairy tale has come true: Donaldson opens the doors of the fashion world to Waris, and she ultimately becomes a well-known international model. However, after years of success, she refuses to repeat her Cinderella story during an interview to Marie Claire magazine, choosing instead to tell of the day that changed her life forever: the day of her circumcision in the Somali desert at the tender age of five.”

“The Film addresses, among other powerful themes, the issues of female genital cutting/mutilation (FGM/C) and child marriage. Based on the life story of Waris Dirie, the successful Somalian supermodel and FGM/C activist, the film explores her journey from ‘the Somalian desert to the biggest catwalks of the world.’ It is rare that a commercial film explores issues of FGM/C.”

Showing across the U.S. this March and April:

March 25th: D.C., Philadelphia
April 1st: San Diego, Detroit, Houston, Portland (OR), Atlanta, LA, NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle
April 8th: Denver, Charlotte, St. Louis, Boston, Minneapolis, Boise

For more info:

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