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SHEenergy: “Kerosene, a burning issue in human rights”

From sister blog SHEenergy:

“This article from Kristine Pearson of Lifeline Energy discusses how lack of electricity in Africa has dangerous results for the women who must rely on kerosene for lighting and cooking.

“Exposure to kerosene is retarding economic progress, causing asphyxiation, poisoning children, creating deadly fires, horrific burns and injuries, and even death.  This fuel is silently destroying the lives and livelihoods of countless women and children across Africa…”

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Video: “Bangladesh – Renewable Technology Opportunities for Women”

From sister blog SHEenergy: “This video describes a program implemented by the World Bank in Bangladesh to promote women as renewable energy entrepreneurs.”

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“Climate Change Adaptation and Conflict in Nigeria”

This post from sister blog SHEenergy highlights a new publication from the U.S. Institute of Peace:

“A new Special Report from USIP examines the linkages between climate change, violence, and poverty in Nigeria… The report’s conclusions have particularly important implications for women, who, according to this article, constitute 70% of Nigeria’s poor.”

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“Women Demand Access to Water and Energy”

Check out this post from sister blog SHEenergy:

“This article highlights the struggles women in developing countries encounter due to their lack of access to water and energy, as part of the egenda of the Fourth United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries (LDC-IV) currently taking place in Istanbul, Turkey.  Wubitu Hailu, managing director of an Ethiopian NGO, says that ‘access to water and energy should be basic human rights.'”

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Hillary Clinton and Julia Roberts: “Clean stoves would save lives, cut pollution”

Check out this post from sister blog SHEenergy:

“Julia Roberts has joined Secretary Clinton’s  Alliance for Clean Cookstoves as a Global Ambassador.  The two penned an op-ed for USAToday on the need for clean cookstoves in the developing world in honor of Mother’s Day.

‘Clean stoves’ would save lives, cut pollution
By Hillary Clinton and Julia Roberts

This Mother’s Day weekend, most of us will enjoy a home-cooked meal — maybe even breakfast in bed. We’ll probably take it for granted that the meal was prepared in a clean kitchen, where the air is safe to breathe. But for nearly half of the world’s population, cooking at home is a deeply dangerous act…”

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“In South Asia, Women are WISER”

Check out this post from sister blog SHEenergy:

In South Asia, Women are WISER

“The Women’s Institute for Sustainable Energy Research (WISER), based in Kerala, India, is ‘promoting the active participation and leadership of women in the energy sector’ in South Asia.”

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Recommended Blog: SHEenergy

From the creator of Helping Women Helps the World comes a new blog: SHEenergy!

SHEenergy is all about women making a difference in the world of energy.

Visit often for news, events, and discussions!

SHEenergy’s latest post: MDG 3: Gender Energy Equality

SHEenergy home:

April 28, 2011 at 3:32 pm

India: Grandmothers electrify rural communities

“Turning grandmothers into solar engineers is one of Sanjit “Bunker” Roy’s favorite jobs.

Roy is the social entrepreneur and founder of the Barefoot College and has been championing a bottom-up approach to education and empowering rural poor since 1972.”

My favorite quote from Bunker: “[W]hy not invest in women, older women, mature women, gutsy women who have roots in the village and train them?”

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India’s Plan for Gender and Climate Change

Bravo to the Government of India for recognizing that climate change may affect men and women in different ways – and making gender sensitivity a central element of its energy strategy.

From the National Action Plan on Climate Change:

“The impacts of climate change could prove particularly severe for women.  With climate change, there would be an increasing scarcity of water, reduction of yields in forest biomass, and increased risks to human health for children, women and the elderly in a household becoming the most vulnerable.  With the possibility of decline in the availability of foodgrains, the threat of malnutrition may also increase.  All these would add to deprivations that many women already encounter and so in each of the Adaptation programmes, special attention should be paid to the aspect of gender.”
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