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Tala Raassi: Fashion = Freedom

Tala Raassi received a brutal punishment for “wearing a miniskirt – in the privacy of a friend’s home – in Iran”. Instead of bowing to repression, she fled to the U.S. and transformed her love of fashion into a career designing clothes that revel in the female form.

She says:
“The punishment I suffered in Iran put my life on a different course. To this day, when I hear the adhan, I’m brought right back to the terror I felt in that Iranian jail. But now, with some distance, I can see that the experience made me who I am — and made me appreciate my freedom, instead of taking it for granted… I’m excited to be pursuing my dream of becoming a fashion designer, and I hope that I can inspire, and maybe even help empower, other young women.”

Read Tala’s story: How I Survived 40 Lashes

Shop Tala’s designs:

June 7, 2010 at 1:14 pm 1 comment

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