“In Egypt, Ghalia Alia Mahmoud is a new kind of TV chef”

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An inspiring story of one woman’s empowerment in “the new Egpyt.”

In Egypt, Ghalia Alia Mahmoud is a new kind of TV chef

By , Published: August 17

Only in the new Egypt could Ghalia Alia Mahmoud have become a celebrity.

A woman from a poor neighborhood, she cooks in tin pots with no handles, on propane burners lit with a match, in a kitchen without measuring cups. She uses simple, cheap ingredients such as beans, pasta and vegetables, all she can afford.

In the old Egypt, Mahmoud worked as a maid. But that was before Jan. 25, the beginning of the upheaval in which the destitute and the affluent stood shoulder to shoulder in Cairo’s Tahrir Square to force the ouster of a dictator and the end of a system that celebrated the elite while a huge underclass barely subsisted.

Mahmoud’s rise was the inspiration of Mohamed Gohar, the founder of a new television station named for the day the revolution began. He plucked the 33-year-old from his sister’s kitchen, where she had been employed as a cook, and tasked her with teaching Egyptians to prepare dishes they can actually afford.

With humor and down-home savings, Mahmoud has done it all with ease, becoming an unlikely symbol of a movement aimed at preserving the spirit of change and social justice in this country of more than 80 million people.

Read the full article: http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/middle-east/in-egypt-ghalia-alia-mahmoud-is-a-new-kind-of-tv-chef/2011/08/12/gIQABvdqKJ_story.html?hpid=z9


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